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For The past 8 months Forces has been working to establish itself as a band of great success. In the little time that Forces has been together they have recently finished recording their debut ‘Strategy’ ep. It is a seven song representation of their unique hard rock and hardcore sound that allows room for their clear vocal melodies and harmonies. Produced by Greg Dawson (Moneen from Vagrant Records) and (The End from Dine Alone Records) this fresh sounding ep really brings to life the true sound that makes the band Forces a ‘force’ to be reckoned with. The band Forces is currently registered to SOCAN and is published through Get Used to It Records. They will be having a media release in June followed by a Canadian cd release tour that will be kicking off in Toronto.

Forces have established a huge fan base and many contacts in the Toronto scene that they have acquired through their former projects Twinfold, Eye of Morning, No Measure and through their recent leg work leading up to their freshmen cd release. With a fan base of 400 at their last show at the Hard rock 279 in January 08 it was not surprising to see faces like Stevie D from Rock Star Games and Kenny Bridges from Moneen in the crowd. In the meantime they are working with graphic designers Justin Ellesworth (Bedouin Sound Clash from Dine Alone Records) and Stu from Play Dead Clothing. They are also working on sponsorships from Dean Markley, Yahmaha, Vater and Zildjian.

Forces commitment to music is the primary factor in their recent successes. Forces strict practice regiment and their guerrilla marketing strategies are just a few testaments to the dedication this band has to playing their music world wide. Their projected sales for their upcoming Strategy EP are 5000 units. This is possible because of the enormous support this band has from its Toronto community, its street team and its marketing and business savvy. It is obvious that this band is serious about making an impact in the music scene. Forces creative ability to write new material daily is leading to even bigger and better songs and ideas in the near future.

As individual members, Forces has much experience playing key events and working with industry greats. They have played with bands such as Sum 41, Green Day, Gob, Breaking Benjamin, NOFX, People in Planes, Lifted, Shaker, Orange 9mm, Antiflag, Converge & Earth Crisis. The list of credible venues is almost as impressive, playing such places like Molson Park, Hard Rock 279, The Horseshoe, The Docks, Mod Club, Opera House, Revival Bar, The Better Living Center to nostalgic classic venues like The El Mocambo, The Reverb and The Rivoli. They have also had the experience of playing Warped Tour in 2000, the Molson Indy and The Ride for Sight charity event in 2005.

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