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Hailing from Toronto, Breadfan is an indie band that is bringing back the rock. In an age saturated with over-processed, radio-friendly, corporate pop-rock masquerading as real music, Breadfan is reminding people what it’s like to be heavy; to turn up the amps, hit the distortion, and let the music speak for itself. Breadfan is a true rock n’ roll band influenced by punk, rock and metal with a sound that is intensely solid. But what makes a band heavy? Is it mind-crushing riffs? Unspeakable volume levels? The ability to assail listeners with relentless power? I have tried to answer this toughest of tough questions once and for all. But despite my most assiduous efforts, I am only able to come up with one answer I know to be true: Heavy is as heavy does. And Breadfan does heavy; they do it very well. For over a decade, they’ve stayed true to their heavy metal and rock roots and have gained momentum playing numerous shows over the years at legendary Toronto venues such as Lee..s Palace, The Bovine and Sneaky Dee’s. They’ve also toured in Southern Ontario, Quebec and in the eastern United States. Breadfan have also played The Steam Whistle Indie Club night at Toronto’s leading rock station, 102.1 The Edge. The band is currently signed to independent label Gen-Sub Records and has released a number of E.P…s as well as full length albums including 2002..s Hiding The Downside, 2004..s Chicanery Addicto, 2005..s Coming Again and their latest entitled Hatari. These releases as well as their live performance showcase Breadfan..s intense heavy style, stripping the music down to it’s essentials and defiantly sticking to their approach. Their sound is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Jason Borges.. jagged, distorted guitar playing infused with his Brother’s drummer Nelson Borges, pounding beats. In addition, bassist Albert Resendes dynamic low-end is what anchors Jason’s angst-charges lyrics and gruff vocals that make you feel better about your own crappy life. However, Breadfan have the ability to slow down the tempo of certain songs while maintaining their heaviness and overall intensity. Before Hours, a crowd favorite from the band’s Coming Again EP, has a harmonious vibe to it with clean guitar tones and verses that are sung melodically, which emphasizes Jason’s deep vocal range. Breadfan have mastered a perfect balance of melody and intensity, which highlight their diversity and undeniable musicianship. But what makes Breadfan worth listening to? The songs simply rock. It’s been a long climb for Breadfan, but they are confident in themselves and there music. Besides they are just having too much fun to worry about anything else. So don’t for get to look for these hard rockers and showstoppers (now magazine) as they hit the road in 2007 with some major festival appearances and tour in the U.S. Enjoy and welcome to the world of Breadfan 
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