Pan Out Now

Rock / Alternative / Progressive

Band Pic of Pan Out Now
This Canadian four piece from Toronto featuring male and female co-vocals brings to audiences a unique rock style they've coined " recombinant rock" (in the vein of Evanessence, Tool and Queens of The Stone Age) – and people are taking notice. Critics from Australia, Europe and North America applaud Pan Out Now for their ability to deliver "thought provoking lyrics with sophisticated musicianship" that still captures a broad audience through catchy melodies and riffs.

Their live shows brings high recommendations from those with a keen ear for innovation. Their latest EP 'Aspirate' is quickly becoming the rallying cry for disaffected dreamers everywhere.

2008 promises to be a banner year for the band as they prepare to showcase at the FEO Conference in February, the APCA National College Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in March, tour in New York State in April and perform various other shows around the Toronto area; all while working on their latest release.

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