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Indie / Electro / Rock

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Around 8 o’ clock on a balmy Saturday morning in June 1898, a cave was discovered in some limestone cliffs near what is today known as Tobermory, Ontario. To the surprise of all who looked on, a strange metallic sarcophagus was nestled deep inside this dank cavern. The team of explorers that found the strange coffin transported it from its bleak home, back to their facilities in old Toronto. The markings on the coffin were bizarre and otherworldly, so the team decided it was best to keep their operation top secret. The Sarcophagus was made of some strange metal that seemed completely impenetrable by all methods available to them at the time.

Try as they might the group could not open the box, and grew more and more frustrated with their attempts to decipher the outlandish markings on the outside. After years and years of agonizing defeat, they called in experts from around the globe to assist them. It was no use, the elusive box remained shut, and work on the project came to a grinding halt as the first world war reared its ugly head.

Up until this past year, the steadfast case remained an untouched mystery, stored deep in the bowels of the ROM.

On, an especially cold night in late January, a sound emerged from the basement of the ROM. A sound so loud that it could be heard three floors above, by the security guard on duty. Fearing some kind of explosion, the security guard notified the authorities, then, with much reluctance, headed toward the source of the sound. When he reached the chamber that held the Sarcophagus, he stopped dead in his tracks staring at the eerie light pulsating from under the door. The pulses of light were coupled with a sound that resembled music, but was too faint to make out. The security guard carefully pulled the door towards him. The light from the room filled the hallway, leaving the security guard, mouth agape, staring at what looked like three small children lying in an intricate metal bath tub. He was thoroughly confused, but his curiosity brought him closer. As he inched closer he noticed that what he thought were infants were in fact fully grown men, only one third the size. To his amazement the trio seemed to slowly expand with each pulse of light and music. The security guard stood there shocked, unable to move, transfixed by the magical display. He slowly realized his body becoming very lethargic, his limbs felt heavy, and he began to yawn uncontrollably. As his body gently made its way to the floor, the last sight he saw, before his eyes sealed shut, were three young men, standing over him staring into his eyes. The three men stood there for a moment, then gathered their belongings from the Sarcophagus and headed for the exit.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found a comatose security guard at the foot of a large metal box with nothing inside but a piece of paper. The paper said simply, Cancel Winter.

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