Shortwave: kind, handsome and good musicians

Shortwave Live By: Sheena Lyonnais
May 22, 2008
Shortwave have been a standout part of the indie scene for years. The imagery and prose that laces their music continues to encapsulate the brilliance of this local rock group EP after EP.  Toronto Music Scene had the privilege of talking with vocalist Ryan Johnson, drummer Devin Jannetta, guitarist Sager Johnson, bassist Nic Oliverio and organist Cary Parker at their Clinton’s gig earlier this month about their upcoming album as well as what’s next for the quintet. 

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3Tards are an entirely different brand of original

Band Pic of 3tards By: Sheena Lyonnais
May 14, 2008

Prior to seeing the 3Tards performance at the Horseshoe last Saturday, I felt a little skeptical.  Their Myspace page reeked of post-Blink 182 humour, featuring songs about sniffing glue, sex jokes, mullets and man-rapists, topics most men in their 30s don’t typically sing about.   But the atmosphere at the Horseshoe was different this night: filled wall to wall with aging punk rockers, studded jackets and the kind of Mohawks I haven’t seen since high school Warped Tours, all in the name of headliner D.O.A.’s 30th anniversary tour.


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