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Toronto – In a sea of contemporary music––satisfactory, intolerable, and seldom exceptional––HUMAN KIND challenge the world’s best. Although many artists may think it, this band can prove it. Witness a live performance and they’ll make a believer out of you. This band steps off stage to find the other bands questioning what they are doing, the staff buying merchandise and strangers asking for autographs. They have a sound that many believe is the next logical step in modern music. They play fast, tight and clean. If you took members of The Cure, U2, Ministry and The Police, put them in a room and told them to play cutting edge dance music, they would likely create something comparable.    

HUMAN KIND is about to release their debut CD, titled: IT WILL ALL END IN TEARS, produced by Mike Turner (guitarist; founding member of Canadian super-group OUR LADY PEACE). Standout tracks include MESS OF A BOY, LETTERS, and the band’s first single DON’T FOLLOW, a high-energy pop song that is sure to make critics and fans alike take notice. Following a nationwide media blitz, touring is scheduled to begin in June 2008.

The Story: In 2001 SHAUN SAVARD and SHAWN TUCKER played their first gig together in Vancouver, British Columbia in a band called the Amber Room. After working through several guitar players and drummers they found PAUL ANDERSON, a musician from Calgary Alberta. In 2003 TUCKER, ANDERSON and SAVARD moved to Toronto Ontario. In 2004 they released a nine song CD with drummer CHRIS WARUNKI called WHAT WE SAW. The album raised a more than a few eyebrows received some very good reviews. In 2006 the band released a five song EP with drummer MIKE MOUSSALLEM and producer ASHTON PRICE, earning amazing reviews. With a more developed sound, the band played bigger and better venues. Then they lost MOUSSALLEM and momentum came to a halt. Oddly enough, they continued gaining supporter around the world – the fan base grew. Their MySpace page received 15,000 new hits and 1,000 friends while they searched for a new drummer. After months of looking, the band found horror author/drummer JAMES ROY DALEY. On Saturday, March 31st 2007 they played its first gig with JAMES at NEUTRAL in Toronto, showcasing a tight driving sound. Fans and friends alike couldn’t get over the difference. The band was finally complete. During the year the band played across Ontario, wrote 20+ songs and got tight––scary tight, achieving an uncompromising and metronome perfect meticulousness other bands only dream about. They released nine promotional videos on HEAVY.COM earning 2.2 million hits. On January 18th 2008, they played their final gig at THE LIVE LOUNGE in Ottawa. A week later SAVARD, ANDERSON, TUCKER and DALEY went into the studio, recorded IT WILL ALL END IN TEARS and HUMAN KIND was born.

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