Ambient / Rock / Psychedelic

Band Pic of Holoscene
Holoscene hail from Toronto and like post-rock contemporaries Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky, sound a band borne of another world, or certainly tuned-in to one. Simultaneously cinematic in scope and disarmingly intimate – Holoscene make music that is resolutely human.

Verging between soul-baring melody and a sonic assault of the morning songs of creation, their sound has already found resonance with fans and critics all over Ontario.

During the year and a half the group have been together, they have toured their live show extensively throughout southern Ontario, played a showcase performance at the NXNE Festival and launched an acclaimed curated series of music and art called Son/Lumiere in Toronto. They have also received radio airplay in Austin, Texas in the United States, Ottawa, Calgary, Guelph and Toronto in Canada, Brussels in Belgium and on many online radio stations in the USA, Canada, Japan and Russia.

With over 30,000 plays on myspace.com, orders for their self released debut EP 'Nothing is the End of Everything' coming from all over the world and the band holed-up working on a full length, it won't be long before their sound makes a stately rise above the din.

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