TMS Profile Spotlight: Scarlet Sins

Band Pic of Toronto Scarlet Sins By: Croydon DeMello
March 10, 2008
In the tradition of our musical ancestors in the realm of Rock, there are four missionaries who have sought to attain the responsibility of keeping the legacy of heavy music alive and in doing so have also innovated and brought about new standards. Their music features a barrage of heavy and melodic sonic frequencies that capture and enthrall the very essence of your spirit. It will leave you in a mystic abstraction, imploring for more of this mesmeric serenity.

Scarlet Sins is such an outfit summoning from Toronto, set to captivate and indulge those who share a diehard affection for Hard Rock and Metal. Dressed to enforce, with a solid foundation of musical intelligence and sagacity, these four women are set to astonish you with the creativity of their songs and the aggression to which they deliver. Their sound is a subtle contrast of a lush distorted detonation resolved by angelic melodies that screams for itself and assaults you with gentle fervency.
The heart of the Scarlet Sins affair lies with four alluring maidens who are guitarist Cristina Bishop, vocalist Sylvia NuVynska, bassist Tanya Nicklaus and drummer Elie Bertrand. Courting eloquence and wickedness, they are able to electrify their audiences on stage with their enchanting presence. The power in their concerted aura sparks an explosive energy that remises to keeping the audience vitalized, entertained and left with a lustful carriage.
Their self-titled disc Scarlet Sins is evident of the effective collaborative contribution of this sinful assemblage. The CD was produced, engineered and mixed by Rich Chycki, (Rush, Aerosmith and Simple plan). Bed tracks were recorded in Mixland and Vespa Studios. It is no surprise that Chycki has done a commendable job in bringing out a sound that is synoptic of the band’s personality.
The band just played at Canadian Music Week on March 8 at the Hard Rock Live. In April they will be playing the Native Friendship Center in Midland and The Underground in Hamilton.
Live Pic of Scarlet SinsLet it be known that there is a sound that resonates to the mark of sinful pleasures embraced by a scarlet veil. It is to this extent that one can find peace and conformity through communion with this enterprise that ensures that you cannot experience anything more intriguing until you have submitted yourself to the impending sensuality of the Scarlet Sins.
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