The [Rocky Horror] Creepshow

The Creepshow CMW By: Sheena Lyonnais
March 10, 2008
Toronto’s the Creepshow make everyday feel like the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween.  Complete with a standup bass, their performances are theatrical and their music is addicting, catchy and equally crazy.  Their neurotic blend of psychobilly and punk is enough to make anyone want to dance and mosh, which is exactly what people did during their energetic set at the Horseshoe during Canadian Music Week. 

Toronto Music Scene had a chance to catch up with Sarah Sin and Sickboy prior to their set to talk about shedding their zombie skin and their recent signing to STOMP Records.
You’re here tonight for your first CMW.  You’ll be heading on tour after this, so tell me a little bit about it.
Sarah Sin: It’s the Bad Boys for life tour, they do it in Europe.  It’s cool because it’s a punk rock tour mostly, so it’s new for us.  We’re usually stuck on psychobilly bills and stuff like that.  I think it’s six bands altogether and 26 shows in 26 days. 

This isn’t your first time playing there though right, you’ve been there on previous tours?
SS: We’ve been to Europe four times in the past year.

The Creepshow LiveWhat were the other shows you were doing?
SS: We headlined a six-week tour and then we played a festival in Spain.  We headlined a UK tour that ended in Germany, and then we went back with Mad Sin and Heartbreak Engines for a week.

I heard you were robbed when you were in Spain.
SS: We were robbed!  It was basically hand-trickery.  No one got hurt or anything.  He just acted like a police officer and went through our stuff.  We didn’t know because we were in Spain.
Sickboy: We were broken down at the side of the highway.

What did he take?
SS: 1200 Euros, all of our money!

How did that happen?
SS: He went through our binder of what we have everything organized in.  He was saying he was looking for fake money, and while he was searching through them right in front of my face I guess he was dropping bills down his sleeve.  We didn’t notice at all and we were kind of panicking because we were like shit we’re in Spain and the police are pulling us over asking if we have drugs and fake money.  What were we going to do?

Oh man!  Is that the worst thing that has ever happened to you on the road?
SS: No!  A couple days later I spent a night in the hospital in Germany.  I got really sick, I guess dehydration or something, so that sucked a lot.
Did you have to be put on IVs and stuff?
SS: Yeah I was on IVs and sat and watched MTV all night because it was the only English-speaking channel they had.  It was pretty scary and not fun to go through when you’re on tour. 
SB: It made for some sweet photos though, Sarah in the bed with an IV looking like she’s dying. 

This is probably overdone and talked about all the time, but tell me a little bit about how you filled in for your sister and how that whole thing came about.
SS: Well she got pregnant.  The band kind of came together and asked me.  At first I was a little bit turned off from doing it because I’m not used to being loud and that kind of aggressive or even playing with a band in general.  Shawn was like do you want to go to Europe for six weeks so I was like oh okay.  Basically that six-week tour put me into my shoes and got me into a comfortable spot.  From there we’ve really just grown.

What were you doing before that?

SS: Bartending and working on my solo, acoustic stuff. 

The Creepshow BandDo you see the Creepshow going on for a long time for you?
SS: I hope so.  I don’t want to bartend anymore.

You’ve permanently taken this position right, like Hellcat’s doing her solo work.
SS: Yeah and she’s being a mom.  I mean this is her first child so she didn’t realize that, especially with the caliber of touring that we do, unless there was a nanny for every tour she could bring her baby. She was like look I can’t do it, I want you to take it and do what you want with it. 

I saw this interview and someone said people think we describe ourselves as ‘zombies playing punk rock’ what do you think of that?  Is that how you see yourselves?
SB: The whole zombies thing is kind of overdone.  We have a whole horror them to our music and I guess that’s where the zombies come in.  We’re just a punk band that has a dark theme. 
SS: I think too, especially working on the new album, we’ve kind of grown and evolved in different ways.  I mean we get that all the time, people being like I have this wicked idea for a video, I’m picturing zombies and we’re always like fuck, why everything zombies.  Especially with the new album there will be a lot of changes maturity wise.

What kind of changes are you going to be doing?  In terms or subject matter or what?
SS:  Pretty much everything.
SB:  Everything is still Creepshow and kind of dark, but we’re going to have songs with horns or like big band kind of swingy.  Same Creepshow stuff it’s just not so in your face zombies, ghouls, goblins. We’ve kind of matured a little bit.  There’s still a horror undertone, but it’s not so in your face hey check us out we’re fuckin Dracula.
Whenever I listen to you I think it’s more Rocky Horror Picture Show.
SS:  That’s cool, we’re cool with that.  One of my goals with the band is to someday have a Creepshow theatrical production.  That’s a good reference to have, it’s just the zombies alone thing that kind of gets old after a while.

This new record is out when?
SB: September 4.  We’re recording it in May, but they need three months to promote it.  And we just signed to a new label last night, Stomp Records.  We’re pumped.

Congrats, good for you, that’s awesome!  Was this something that’s been in the works for a while?
SB: A little while, yeah.  The label Sterodynamite, they were awesome.  We weren’t really going to do this band seriously, we were just going to play on weekends for beers. But they started coming to shows and were like we want to do your record.  They totally helped us build up what we have.  They just let us go, they said you outgrew what we’re doing here and you need something better, something that can handle, something more international because we’re touring all over instead of just Canada.  We’re really excited to be touring Stomp. 

The Creepshow Canadian Music WeekWhen can we expect a Creepshow headlining tour in Canada?
SB:  September or end of August. We’ll going across Canada then we’re going down to California, then Europe in October.  Oh!  We’re playing with Tiger Army May 9 at the Opera House.  Tickets are on sale and apparently they’re almost sold out.  The Unseen, Tiger Army and us. 

SB:  We’ll probably play the Bovine, we were talking about it last night.

Awesome thanks guys! 

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