Amy Lee Owens

R&B / Hip-Hop / Soul

Pic of Amy Lee Owens
A Rising Star: With a sweet melodic voice and unstoppable

radiance on stage, Amy is heating up the Canadian nightclubs. Her two
ultra-hot singles will be released through Soul-Kiss/DEP/Universal on the radio
and in nightclubs starting later this fall and Amy's début album, launching
across Canada in May 2009, promises to be bubbling over with high energy
hits and effervescent melodies. Amy's gift for writing and capturing pure
emotion really shows in her music. She takes great pride in writing all the lyrics,
harmonies and melodies. Her voice is fresh and unmatched in its clarity, so
you can throw that auto-tune button away, Her voice in 'My Heart' will
make you…. shiver.

Amy Lee Owens got her first break at 18, when she was asked to be the

opening act for internationally known Ashanti, Eve, 112 and Blu Cantrell.
Amy is a classically trained vocalist, with a R&B/pop influence. She has
trained in New York at the Broadway School of Dance, and with Cirque Du
Soliel in Montreal. She has performed for more then 30,000 people at the
Calgary Stampede every year for 10 years. Amy has shared her voice
everywhere, from church, to radio jingles, to charity balls, and across
Canada with Motown/R&B band Black Mamba.

Now residing in Toronto, Amy is ready to take her unique solo work to a

whole new level: with a cross-Canada tour planned to support her album
release, Amy is already making waves in the Canadian music scene. Her charm and
vivacity attracting all the attention, she makes you think she is the only
 singer ever worth knowing. For Amy Lee Owens, that is just the beginning.

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