CMW – a weekend in review

pic of Tokyo Sex DestructionBy: TJ Liebgott
March 13, 2008

For the most part, Canadian Music Week is equal parts exciting as it is frustrating.  Many great bands pour into Toronto for three days worth of music and if you find the right show, you’ll have an awesome time.  On the flip side, if you make a bad decision, you might  find yourself in an endless lineup or at a venue that has already reached capacity.  Of course, there is also the frustration when two or more bands you really want to see are playing at the exact same time or on opposite ends of the city.


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Lights makes us happy

Lights plays Toronto By: Sheena Lyonnais
March 10, 2008

Three main indications you’re rapidly becoming successful include bringing a venue to maximum capacity, hitting the number one spot on the Myspace music charts and having your songs featured in a North American commercial campaign.  Toronto singer Lights has a huge list of accomplishments to put under her tiny belt…or perhaps tuck under her headband.


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The [Rocky Horror] Creepshow

The Creepshow CMW By: Sheena Lyonnais
March 10, 2008
Toronto’s the Creepshow make everyday feel like the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween.  Complete with a standup bass, their performances are theatrical and their music is addicting, catchy and equally crazy.  Their neurotic blend of psychobilly and punk is enough to make anyone want to dance and mosh, which is exactly what people did during their energetic set at the Horseshoe during Canadian Music Week. 

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TMS Profile Spotlight: Scarlet Sins

Band Pic of Toronto Scarlet Sins By: Croydon DeMello
March 10, 2008
In the tradition of our musical ancestors in the realm of Rock, there are four missionaries who have sought to attain the responsibility of keeping the legacy of heavy music alive and in doing so have also innovated and brought about new standards. Their music features a barrage of heavy and melodic sonic frequencies that capture and enthrall the very essence of your spirit. It will leave you in a mystic abstraction, imploring for more of this mesmeric serenity.

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No bullshit with Latefallen

Live Pic of Latefallen By: Sheena Lyonnais
March 10, 2008

Remember when bands used to get really trashed, smash hotel rooms and throw shit out windows?  Well, Toronto’s Latefallen still do that.  In fact, they do a lot of things bands these days are too scared to do: including admitting they actually WANT to be played on the radio.

The rock quartet consists of vocalist Stephan Lacasse, guitarist Vanya Drakul, bassist Gregg Wolfe and drummer Bob Onyskiw.  They have a no nonsense policy that couldn’t care less if you think they lack indie cred.  They’re all about being real and dreaming big.

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Burning The Day – DIY Metal

Band Pic of Burning The Day By: TJ Liebgott
March 5, 2008   

Toronto band Burning The Day has only been around for a short time, but they are already garnishing attention from such metal heavyweights as Metalblade Records and aging thrashers Anthrax.  Toronto Music Scene recently caught up with singer Chris Gillespie and guitarist Braden Hoey after their unofficial CD release at The Reverb to discuss how a "Do it yourself" metal band can gain such momentum without labels, management, lawyers or any other kind of support.

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