Dodger owns the stage at Goldfinger show

Dodger Live with Goldfinger By: Sheena Lyonnais

February 3, 2008 

 Dodger’s show at the Sound Academy last night proved not only that their latest album Musth is a huge hit amongst their head-banging, skank induced following, but also that opening bands can totally own a crowd.  You never would have known there was anyone else on the bill (especially not Goldfinger!) based on their energetic, overwhelming performance, but what else can you expect from a band who named their album after aggressive, horny elephants. 


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Fidget: A Whole New Deal

Toronto Band Fidget

By: Jason  Daniel Baker
January 11, 2008

Any who want to know what kind of guitar playing once moved certain anonymous individuals to spray-paint the words ‘Clapton is God’ on the walls of London subways in the 1960s should hear the unsurpassable Teresa Hart, guitarist for the multi-honored Toronto-based punk group Fidget play. That is the otherworldly feel you can get from seeing such adeptness in action.

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