Witch Ever – Jammed at Kensington Station

Toronto Band Witch Ever
By: Jason Daniel Baker
February 16 2008
Toronto band Witch Ever brought it’s A-game to Kensington Station on February 16 and it was a real jaw-dropper of a show for those of us able  to have found our way there despite the labyrinth of high snow banks. Absolutely nothing went wrong and they simply rocked in the most exquisite set I have ever heard them play.  

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Love, sex and rock ‘n’ roll with Hunter Valentine

Band Pic of Hunter Valentine
By: Sheena Lyonnais
February 17, 2008

The ladies of Hunter Valentine obviously have some strong opinions on the politics of love and war.  They sing about it in a bitter, burdened way, yet they love to make a spectacle of the infamous four-letter word by playing a huge show on Valentine’s Day every year.

“It seems like a gimmicky thing but that’s kind of what we’re about, we’re about this heartbreaker, heartbroken romance thing,” said bassist Adrienne Lloyd.  “I love playing the shows because I feel like it’s a great mix of singles and couples and that’s been the highlight of my Valentine’s Days.”



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The Stereo Hoax – Breaking New Ground

Band Pic of Toronto The Stereo Hoax By: Croydon DeMello

February 6, 2008 

"Explosive, energetic and raw" are the sounds of The Stereo Hoax, an upcoming band ruminating from Canada’s very own Toronto city. When hearing them live, one is to experience a wall of sound that takes on a lifeform of its own and seduces you into a state of dance rhapsody. All this, from four individuals that started from very different musical backgrounds that now unite to form a style that is congruent with post-punk/rock/reggae features which fuses to form the basis for new music today.

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Dodger, Rides Again, Goldfinger at The Sound Academy

Live Pic of Goldfinger By: TJ Liebgott

    Saturday Punk Rock legends Goldfinger returned to Toronto to make amends to fans who felt short changed after the debacle that resulted at Wakestock.  Their last visit to our city left them bitter and angry with a shortened set, (See Video) but this time around they were able to make it past the song "Mable" and play an explosive set that lasted just over an hour.  The band spared no expense, belting out song after song that spanned their 15 year musical career.  Highlights included fan favorite "Mable", "Counting The Days" and the song that put this band into the limelight "Here In Your Bedroom".  Continue reading “Dodger, Rides Again, Goldfinger at The Sound Academy”