Witch Ever

Rock / Alternative

Band Pic of Witch Ever
Born and raised in downtown Toronto… visual artist Stephen Sirisko lived with underground rock and roll  working and playing in all the right venues
Exposure to the real scene put authenticity right at the heart of Witch Ever . This is the stuff that makes you want to get out of your seat… or drive a little faster.
Unique and original , there is a remote yet familiar  feel of  The  Doors and  Zeppelin . They grind  like Nirvana and ride like The Chili Peppers. Most importantly, WITCH EVER compels the crowd to move with innovative and electrifying performances.
Here you have a high octane eye opener built for a festival crowd yet just as engaging in an intimate space. The stage presence is fierce ,  intense  and intelligent. And songs … they write songs .
Combining youngblood and innovative Bass player , Cal Woodruff with monster drummer , Wilson McCleish they have created a perfect storm. This is deftly tempered and refined by Bob Hails who provides an uncommon depth and harmony with keys and guitar.
Adding to the core  are various guest artists that provide  fresh new ideas with an authentic old school integrity.
Unforgetable live performances at The Drake , Lee's Palace  Velvet Undreground etc. are laying  the foundation for an enigmatic album . 
Inspired by Joy Divisions "Closer" , Nirvanas "In Utero" and the Beatles White album .

This is no ordinary band.

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