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Every few years a band will come along, rise through the endless sea of over saturated rock and prove to the world, that good music is not dead. 2007 saw a fresh new face in music when The STEREOHOAX hopped on stage for the first time to play their unique blend of rock, punk, and reggae infused songs that took the unsuspecting crowd by surprise. Fans immediately caught on to the punk inspired rock, fronted by real vocals and a reggae backbone previously unheard of, even in the punk/ska community.

Originally formed in 2006, The STEREOHOAX was brought about as an experiment from ex-Jerkbank members Brendan McGarvey and Joey Proulx as a way to expand themselves musically by incorporating various styles of music into their already punk-infused rhythms. After auditioning different singers, Joey called in a former band mate (from Soluble Fish, with Billy Talent’s Ian D’sa), solo artist/musician – Bowman of the Broke Ass Rockstars, who had the same musical vision in mind. The addition of  CONTACT _Con-3E1AC387C5 \c \s \l Anthony Policelli on guitar added so much more to the mix, with his strong songwriting abilities. Fresh catchy hooks, killer back beat/rhythms and a charismatic in-your-face singer … The STEREOHOAX was born.

With all four unique members sharing the same vision, song writing came easily. In a matter of months the band successfully wrote an album's worth of material, reflecting on the issues and events that affect our world today within their lyrics and new sound. June of 2007 saw The STEREOHOAX go into the studio to record their first 3 song EP @ Orchard Studios, later remixed by  CONTACT _Con-3E1AC387CB \c \s \l Justin Koop (Finger Eleven, Grade, Jersey, Billy Talent, Silverstien, Tomi Swick, Saint Alvia Cartel), and released in July 2007. The boys are set to begin recording again in spring of 2008 with  CONTACT _Con-3E1AC387CB \c \s \l Justin Koop behind the wheel.

“Really damn good music ! A little bit edgy, very rock’n’roll … and the cool part is that it’s still got it’s funny moments . Kind of Billy Talent-with-a-sense-of-humour. Stuff you’ll definitely want to listen to again! And with Bowman heading things up, it’s bound to be a good show … ” Kelley Doan review column, Aug. 25, 2007
It’s a new band with a new sound and it’s a whole new scene. Honest to God in your face rock and roll for you and your soul.

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