“Fuck Family Day” – Suckerfactory, Luke Sneyd, Downsview

Live Pic of Band Downsview
By: TJ Liebgott
February 16, 2008

    Either I’m going deaf or The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern learned that volume knobs have settings other than 11.  Arguably once the loudest club in the city, The Horseshoe is showing its age (it turned 60 last year) by turning the volume down to match every other club in Toronto.  This wasn’t enough to stop Suckerfactory, Luke Sneyd and Downsview from rocking a small Family Day crowd.

    Most likely music lovers were hungover and burnt out after a long weekend of partying, because even though it was a free show the crowd was sparse.  Opening act Downsview seemed to have brought out a good chunk of the crowd that appeared to be mostly family and friends.  However, Downsview has some rabid friends that made the small crowd seem like a packed house. Downsview brought more energy than most bands would with a full house.  From the first note of their song "Never Is The Right Time," Downsview played a flawless set from their upcoming album.  Drummer Soichiro Koike quite possibly had the most energy.  Between songs he would annihilate the drums, then Soichiro would make full use of his microphone by yelling random things or searching for a woman that would help him start a family in anticipation for next year’s Family Day.  The rest of the band also shared in the back and forth banter between the crowd and showed that they were having a great time and were going to make the best of this show.

Live Pic of Luke Sneyd    Singer/Songwriter Luke Sneyd tried out a new live band for the Horseshoe show.  For the most part, Luke’s new band gelled nicely and seemed very comfortable with their new bandmates.  Luke’s rock/powerpop "songs about love and songs not about love," as he described them, had a few fans upfront and centre bopping away and having a great time.

    Headliners Suckerfactory seemed to be newcomers to the scene, but had to be one of the tightest bands I have seen in a while.  The straight-ahead rock four piece must have jammed for quite a while before taking the band live.  Even though they are such a tight band, they lacked a lot of the energy and raw passion that the other two bands had, but I imagine it’s something they will get after a few more shows. 

Live Pic of Band Sukerfactory    These are the kind of shows bands cut their teeth on.  The kind of gigs that artists like to forget, but in the end shape their character, integrity and test their love for music.  Hopefully next time any of us sees these bands, they’ll be headlining and the place will be packed.

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