Dodger, Rides Again, Goldfinger at The Sound Academy

Live Pic of Goldfinger By: TJ Liebgott

    Saturday Punk Rock legends Goldfinger returned to Toronto to make amends to fans who felt short changed after the debacle that resulted at Wakestock.  Their last visit to our city left them bitter and angry with a shortened set, (See Video) but this time around they were able to make it past the song "Mable" and play an explosive set that lasted just over an hour.  The band spared no expense, belting out song after song that spanned their 15 year musical career.  Highlights included fan favorite "Mable", "Counting The Days" and the song that put this band into the limelight "Here In Your Bedroom". 

Goldfinger plays Sound AcademyOf course drummer Darrin Pfeiffer added some anarchy to the set including "The Wall of Death" which resembled every battle scene in the movie Braveheart, Getting a fan to eat a Twinkie out of his ass and finally setting his cymbals on fire after the Encore.  For anyone that was anticipating the new album "Hello Destiny", (Release date April 22 2008) Goldfinger treated fans with what can only be described as a sloppy rendition of, what will likely be the new single, "One More Time".

    Local bands Rides Again and Dodger Opened the show and brought a surprising amount of fans with them.  Especially since The Docks is such a pain to get out to.  Don’t get me wrong, both are very talented bands, but they brought out more rabid fans then I have seen an opening band attract.  

Live Pic of Dodger    Dodger is an especially impressive band and I recommend anyone go see them.  Blending the coolness of Sublime with something more raw and aggressive, Dodger showed why they are making waves in the music industry.  Dodger has already impressed the likes of Goldfinger, The Salads,  Jag Tanna (I Mother Earth) and even a pre-insane Brittany Spears.  Its only a matter of time before Dodger is head-lining the Sound Academy.

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February 2 2008

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