Fidget: A Whole New Deal

Toronto Band Fidget

By: Jason  Daniel Baker
January 11, 2008

Any who want to know what kind of guitar playing once moved certain anonymous individuals to spray-paint the words ‘Clapton is God’ on the walls of London subways in the 1960s should hear the unsurpassable Teresa Hart, guitarist for the multi-honored Toronto-based punk group Fidget play. That is the otherworldly feel you can get from seeing such adeptness in action.

When you hear Fidget drummer Faith, a formidable percussion virtuoso in her own right, you begin to feel like you are listening to a supergroup. I don’t exaggerate at all in saying that. No one out of all the people who are saying that is exaggerating. Nothing stimulates the enthusiasm of a concert audience during public performance more than seeing musicians who know what they are doing, do that thing so very well.

Band pic of Fidget Toronto

Add in lead vox/keyboard Nicole Legault, rhythm guitar/backing vox Elissa Barclay with newly added bass player Kate Harrison and you have capable hands skillfully crafting Fidgets sound from its top to its bottom. As a result, discriminating and fickle GTA audiences tend to find themselves suddenly awakened when Fidget hits the stage piercing the dull drone of pop sameness once so prevalent on local stages.

Fidgets own rhythm rules absolute over the band and when allowed their full range of ..i.e. amps that work the way they are supposed to) they speak the language of music so eloquently that a select few who take the stage after them are their equal. I say that having been utterly blown away just from hearing their soundchecks.

These musicians are remarkable in how meticulous they are in making sure equipment and sound engineers interpret their music properly. It would be all for naught if this ensemble couldn’t groove together as smoothly as they do so consistently.

When it comes to composition, lyrically speaking you might shake your head wondering what kind of story is behind it when Ms Legault tenderly sings that she hates it when she is ‘dating a sociopath’ and ‘My friends think you’re an a**hole’. My sense is that is very much the intended reaction and apropos to the uniquely detailed music which goes with the words.

Sound can both paint a picture and tell a story. Those that express something distinctive with it deservedly carve out their own place of prominence as Fidget did in 2007 with its independently released CD entitled Don’t Fidget Missy!. The writing and production happened to be derived from personal experience (which is how truly great songwriters formulate their best work) and articulated with a certain inimitable flair. The musical destiny of great songwriters is thus always subject to change. More recent tracks by Fidget such as one called ‘Sorry, Sucker’ indicate an even more whimsical path, which, at the moment, seems very much to agree with them.

They have recently signed a worldwide Live pic of Fidgetdistribution deal thus it would appear that once again a Canadian act will come to gain approval in its own country AFTER doing so internationally.

"The honours we’ve enjoyed so far include being featured on,, featured (coming soon) on Humber College’s radio station, having our music considered for placement in the upcoming movie Never Submit, making it to the Ontario Final of Emergenza, the final of the Paragon TV Band Competition but of course we’re most honoured by far by the wonderful fans who keep us going with their cheers and support!!! We’re putting everything we’ve got into putting new tunes out for y’all and we’re movin’ on up!"  Says Nicole.

Future goals for this outfit include more broadcast radio, and a production deal for their next album.

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