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The Pin Up Boys are an ambitious new band that combines the talent from two previously renowned Mississauga bands. The Pin Up Boys are composed of three determined original members from the skate punk band, in addition to the undeniable talent of the former lead-singer of The Costly. With changes occurring due to future endeavors and conflicts with musical drive, both bands were unable to pull through and consequently were forced to breakup. Although their musical dreams were put on hold, it was not long until the boys found a new drive to start again. The Pin Up Boys (Mike, Tony and Rich) were not ready to give up, so they called upon childhood friend Jonny Lorentz to play bass. The four musicians immediately connected and the band was ready to rock again. After a couple hours, a few beers under their belts, and a few too many hours of Tony Hawk, they realized they would need a whole new arsenal of music. As such, the guys decided to create a new sound by getting rid of all old material, with the exception of two songs. The music these four musical marvels create can be best described as catchy, upbeat, surf rock with a touch of reggae and a hint of metal. Their talent is undeniable and their sound will keep you coming back for more!


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