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Toronto's best kept secret uncovered and tearing its way into your speakers. Awesome guitartists, mad drummers and extraordinary vocal stylings make up Downsview's heavy-hitting, unique sound of hard rock with a punk edge.

Formed in the fall of 2005 and hailing from the back yards of Toronto, Downsview have come out of nowhere with their strong charismatic stage presence and a sound that is carved in the underground punk ethic, but which maintains mainstream accessibility. Downsview has a real multi-cultural edge that makes them so refreshingly Canadian. None of their members are originally from Toronto; Joel Richard, 23, Dog River, Saskatchewan (vocals); Mike Lebon, 23, Mauritius Island (Guitar); Carlos Lopez, 22, El Salvador (Guitar); Rawi Samman, 20, Egypt (6 String Bass); Soichiro Koike, 23, Tokyo, Japan (Drums).

It was the winter of 2005 when mad drummer Soichiro Koike left Japan and his band, Absolute Zero, behind and began the long journey to Canada. On the other side of the world, Joel Richard realized he had gone as far as he could with his band, To The Point, so he packed his bags, said goodbye to Dog River and made the trip to Toronto. Meanwhile guitarists Mike Lebon (of Shorty) and Carlos Lopez (formerly of Fringe) began to collaborate, trying to create a sound that was different, something that satisfied a craving as yet unfulfilled by their current bands. The two guys encouraged Rawi Samman to join them on his six string bass, and although reluctant at first, Rawi came to understand their sound. They connected with Soichiro, who was eager to begin playing music again and brought his own unique energy to the group. Mike realized that his voice did not match the sound they were looking for and stepped aside to allow Joel Richard to complete the band. It all came together one night in the fall of 2005, in Downsview.

With standout tracks like "Never Is The Right Time," and "Break My Skies" don't be surprised if you find Downsview at the top of the charts and beyond.


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"Fuck Family Day" – Horshoe Tavern 

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