A new kind of Sick City-ism

Pic of Josh From Sick City

By: Sheena Lyonnais
November 01, 2007

There’s no denying the fact that a lot of punk/hardcore/emo bands sound pretty much the same.  Genres have a way of blending bands with each other to the point it becomes hard to differentiate who is who in this sea of similarity.  Winnipeg’s Sick City have a found a way to set themselves apart through dynamic performances and honest lyrics.

Their first full-length album Nightlife was released in October, and TMS caught up with frontman Josh Youngson at their Toronto show with the Reason and Boys Night Out to dish the dirt on the new album.  In true rock star fashion Youngson was chain smoking, drunk off jack and hilarious as hell. 


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My Flea Circus

Toronto Band My Flea Circus By: Jason Daniel Baker
December 09, 2007

The terms "alternative" and "punk" as they pertain to popular music can be nebulous ones and get more so all the time. When you see a band like My Flea Circus what fits? "avant garde" perhaps? How about "over the top"? With these people there is NO top so that one does not fit either. At press time I have found myself at something of a loss in pinning them down.


As far as originality goes it is something not every band strives for and quite a few don’t know the proper meaning of the term even if they cared. As for My Flea Circus the term has definite meaning and is paid a certain reverence. Not everything which happens onstage goes off as planned but that which is heard is refreshing as it comes within a sea of pop music sameness. NO band sounds like this one does.

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Indie Artist Morgan Sadler

Pic of Morgan Sadler

By: Jason Baker
November 7, 2007

Hard-working indie singer/keyboardist/songwriter Morgan Sadler wants to perform in front of as many people, in as many places as she can and Toronto has excited her with the opportunities for that which it offers. Raised in Whitby and having returned to the GTA from a few years at University in Kingston her story is the familiar one of the artist migrating to the big city not necessarily to make it big but merely to be heard.

The coherent quality of Ms.Sadler’s lyrical narratives is equal to the task of telling her story. The candor so intrinsic to her nature ensures her interpretations will be truthful. In my opinion (obviously) her story happens to one well-worth telling.

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