Special Ops

Pic of Band Special OpsBy: Croydon DeMello
October 28, 2007

Inspiring, hypnotic and loud is the music that comes from a unique band out of Montreal called Special Ops. This week at the Circus Room in Kitchener, Special Ops delivered a set wild enough to leave a person furiously ecstatic and in spirits that make you want to hear more of this strange but beautiful music.

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Basia Lyjak Writings on the Wall

Live Pic of Basia Lyjak By: Jason Daniel Baker
October 07, 2007

It is perhaps amongst the music industry’s lesser known secrets that Billy Joel and Michael Bolton each started their respective careers as hard rock performers. Neither fit the mould and both would discover themselves musically going on to find success performing more mellow tones catering to a very different kind of audience later in their careers.

A performer with any kind of following eventually finds his or her niche. But those that embrace the form they have the most affinity for from the beginning tend to get there sooner. Toronto based singer-songwriter Basia Lyjak is intent upon building a name in the recording industry by being herself above all else. There is much appeal in her to recommend such a stratagem. 

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