Carmela Antonio

R&b / Soul / Blues

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    She’s sugar spice and everything nice, and she’s ready to be heard!  Carmela Antonio has had her share of the dark side of the industry.  From failed managements, to faulty producers, and shady labels, this twenty-two year old has learned what she must–keep going.

Despite any shortcomings, she has remained levelheaded in pursuit of her true happiness, which is making music.  A true lover of life and art, Carmela began expressing herself creatively at an early age.  While little girls struggle to speak gibberish, Carmela sang.  While little girls attempted to walk in their sandals, Carmela danced.  She had no doubt in her mind that her life would involve a stage and a microphone.

Growing up wasn’t easy, but to her good fortune, music was there to rescue her.  She took comfort in musical greats such as Billy Holiday, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan.  Not having someone to relate to, Carmela turned to songwriting as therapy.  “I think writing or singing can be the best way to release your anger or to speak whatever is in your head.  People are more inclined to listen to you when you say it melodically.”

In late 2006, Carmela finally finished her long awaited 3-track demo–a demo that was 5 years in the making.  Despite the long wait, she admits that the process leading up to the finishing touches of the demo was a crucial one.  “You can grow so much within months, so you can just imagine what 5 years can do.  Patience really is virtue.”  With the help of producer Mark Zubek [Betty Carter and Jen Chapin (Hybrid Recordings)], Carmela was able to tap into her sound and truly zone in who she is as an artist.  Humble, local shows in Toronto helped her get noticed in the underground local music scene. 

In early 2007, Carmela took the initiative to start her own band, which led to more shows around the city.  By May 2007, Carmela performed at Dundas Square (outdoor main stage) in the heart of downtown Toronto, and then again recently on July 16th 2007 for a charity fundraising concert, sponsored by FLOW 93.5.  A flow of other local shows followed including a few headlining shows in Toronto’s newest hot spot “Harlem.”  Harlem’s owner, DJ Carl Allen, was so impressed with Carmela’s showmanship, he invited her to become a feature on his weekly radio show on CKLN 88.1 FM, “Loungin: The After Party.”  Her songs, “Chains” and “Melody Maker” received their very first radio airplay.  She had also been invited to do a live Internet radio interview and performance on “The Liquid Lunch”, and she’s just getting started! 

Carmela is gearing up to be an all-around entertainer and she’s ready to take on the new adventure that awaits her, no matter the consequences. With passion drive and charisma, it is only a matter of time for this soulful songstress to show the world what she’s made of. 




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