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Latefallen is a rising band based out of the competitive Toronto scene. (The Kings Of A&R newsletter used the words “Edgy, yet addictive, melodic-driven hard rock/alternative” to describe their powerful sound). The sound is a combination of heavy influenced guitars, youthful energy and unrelenting melody, with a focus on actual songwriting that is rare in today’s music scene. Their music is a seamless merging of powerful melodies with a hardcore background. Stephan LaCasse’s vocals are drenched with emotion and melody. The dual guitar attack of Anthony Poto and Vanya Drakul drive the music. The rhythm section of Gregg Wolfe on bass and Bob Onyskiw on drums deliver the punch of Latefallen’s full sound.

“This music is intensely personal to us. We’ve invested a lot of energy and emotion into our songs. When we share these songs, we’re purging the energy and emotion that we’ve invested,” explains vocalist Stephan LaCasse. “It’s like showing ourselves from the inside-out, like a twisted kind of exhibitionism.”

“Our music is heavy, high-energy and melodic. That’s what we offer the music scene. No bullshit, no indy-cred posturing and no excuses,” says vocalist Stephan LaCasse. “We have a tight, professional, high-energy show and we have achieved our own sound within a crowded genre.” Latefallen is, literally, screaming out for attention in a crowd of bands.

Latefallen is continuing to write new material and rock crowds with their intense and consistently jaw-dropping set.




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