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The fire that ignites the 5-piece Toronto-based powerhouse, Bombay Doors is about to be unleashed via the bands' new 7 song CD, Toss the Match. Self-recorded in their own studio, and mixed by legendary producer/engineer Steve Thompson (Soundgarden, Korn, Guns n Roses), Toss the Match is a venue of raw energy and sonic exploration previously experienced only at the bands' live shows.

Intricate, eclectic, heavy, funky and melodic are all words that accurately describe seven songs that make for a diverse, yet cohesive effort. Being firm disbelievers in the myth that great songs and great musicianship cannot co-exist, the members of Bombay Doors use their extraordinary musical abilities as a vehicle to heighten the emotional experience of their music.

When asked about the suspicion that he may be an arsonist in waiting, vocalist Bob Mather replied, "Toss the Match is symbolic of burning the things in your past that have held you back. Fire can be very destructive, but it can also be cleansing. This album is about new beginnings."

Watch for Bombay Doors on tour in support of Toss the Match throughout 2007.





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