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 In a time where music is watered downlacking intensity, versatility, and hearta band from the Toronto area is beginning to make a powerful and aggressive mark on the music scene. Condemned is a powerful, energetic band who feels that music is something that should come from the heart and have some effect on each person that it encounters. They have a unique yet familiar sound, with influences ranging from older metal bands like Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden to more modern bands such as Lamb of God and Black Label Society. Four members make up this quartet of destruction: Singer/guitarist Jorge Sousa brings a melodic yet aggressive vocal sound, giving every ounce of energy to his singing and playing. His growls and melodies show that he can be versatile but still hard-hitting. Whether its about ongoing issues in the world or personal trials and tribulations, his lyrics are forthright and to the point. Lead and rhythm guitarist Nelson Filipe brings a more traditional approach to the table by playing with a lot of creativity yet still keeping it simple. With influences such as Zakk Wylde, Dimebag Darrell, and Slash, one can see that speed and squeals are all par for the course with an injection of soul. Along with Jorge, these two men bring a very strange and playful sound to the mix. When it comes to solos, we just sort of play, and who ever comes up with something is usually what we work with. Combined, they show all sides of the spectrum, with intensity and intertwining of solos and harmoniesits all there. The rhythm section and backbone of the band is comprised of bass guitarist Jeff Silveira with his Badass bass lines and non-traditional approach to keeping rhythm. He brings the beef to every song and still keeps the underbelly of the band going strong. His No-I-wont-play-just-the-one-note approach shows that not only are bass players important, but that they are very much a necessity. Seen in the band as the conductor, his writing style amplifies it. With influences such as Iron Maiden, Pantera, and Iced Earth, one can see that complexity and style are all part of the game. Drummer Marco Onoratowith his fast feet and creative ideas behind the kitkeep this band of diverse people and sounds together. His influences range from Slayer and Megadeth to Pantera and old school Metallica. With his love of double kick, he brings the ball shaking to the table. The rhythm section holds the fort and still shakes the world around you. To sum up their live shows, Condemned is a destructive machine that brings all to their knees. With power and aggression this versatile band shows that there is no need for gimmicksjust plug in and play. They are best seen to be believed




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