Toronto Independent Music Awards 2007

Toronto Independent Music Awards LogoBy: TJ Liebgott 

For all of the unsung heros of the independent music industry, its great to see an event to mark their achievements.  Thursday, October 4th, The Phoenix Concert Theatre was transformed into the 3rd annual Toronto Independent Music Awards presented by Eye magazine.  Hosted by local comic Sabrina Jalees, featuring a variety of independent acts and an evenings worth of awards, the 2007 TIMA’s proved to be a tribute to canadian musicians.

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illScarlett continues to rock the radio and M.J.

Live Pic of illscarlettBy: Sheena Lyonnais
September 13, 2007

Everything about illScarlett can be traced back to their love of weed.  They’re not shy about it either.  They smoke it, they sing about it and hell, they even play shows for it.

And where they used to play on average for $50 and several grams, they’ve upped their antes now to, well…nothing?  Last month they played a free birthday gig for a bunch of neighbourhood kids who may or may not have designed their Myspace t-shirts.

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