Band Pic of SopeStuck On Planet Earth, formally known as Expo was formed in 2001 by Adam Bianchi (guitarist) and long time friend Al Capo (bassist) at the mere age of 12/13. After 6 years, three releases and tons of shows the boys ambitions kept steam-rolling forward and with that X-drummer Jon Hyde was replaced by long time friend Andrew Testa. Andrew added an explosive element to the band that brought out an edgier side of Sope which immediately caught the attention of producers and former Flashlight Brown members Fil Buchinno and Matt Hughes. The newfound musical partnership would soon prove to be a driving force behind the band's decision to completely shed their punk roots and transition into unchartered musical territory. The band spent the duration of 2006, honing their song writing abilities and demoing new songs. After recording a five song EP with Fil and Matt- the boys had fully evolved their sound. In July of 2007 the boys (formerly Expo) thought it was best to change their name to SOPE and are releasing their debut EP On September 6th, 2007 at the Velvet Room in Vaughan. MySpace Tracker


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