Canada’s true rock stars are Tall, Dark and Hammerd

Band Pic of Tall Dark And Hammerd By: Sheena Lyonnais
March 15, 2007


Tall, Dark and Hammerd should change their name to 80s inspired, heavy metal and awesome (not that I’m doubting the former).  The Winnipeg quartet describes themselves as the Canadian Mötley Cruë with the most infamous party house in the sketchiest part of the peg.  They’re unlike anything on this side of the millennium: they write about concepts such as filming the end of the world, openly talk about their love for alcohol overindulgence and their top Myspace friends are porn stars.   Can you get more rock star than that? 

Tall, Dark and Hammered Indie weekThe tattooed, chain smoking rockers fit in well with the Bovine Sex Club atmosphere on October 11, but were unimpressed with the Toronto kids who stood there with their arms crossed, applauding apathetically at the end of each song.  Over the course of our Queen St. W interview, three different people apologized about the crowd.  But TDH knows why.

“I think they were surprised,” said drummer Michel Bruyere. “Our music is a lot different than what is going on today.  We like to kick it back to our roots.  We believe that if we do that then it keeps us, you know, it’s stuff that we like to do.  We don’t want to follow music that everyone else is doing.  We don’t intentionally try, we just do what we love.  It’s a little bit old school but there’s some today stuff in it too.”

Influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin and Van Halen, the group has played with Quiet Riot, LA Guns and Nazareth, making them famous in Winnipeg.  They have sold over 2,500 CDs in their hometown, and the demand is so great they’re already working on their third album even though their second was just released in May.

The third album is being produced by Grammy nominated Brandon Friesen of Winnipeg’s 411 Studios.

“This guy is actually working us,” said guitarist Garrett Laye. “I’m sort of laid back on guitar and he’s making me really play and I’m really enjoying it.”

It’s possible these guys are some of the hardest working rockers in the ‘peg.  They focus really hard on making awesome music and make a good portion of their money off of merch sales.  The independent band hired a professional videographer to film a video for their song “Boyz of Noize,” and although it is available to view on Youtube, vocalist Clint Langside said it was deemed too explicit for MuchMusic.   
Tall Dark and Hammerd Live
They are hoping to do some across Canada touring soon as a supporting act, hopefully, they said, for State of Shock.

“Right now I don’t think we can do it on our own,” Laye said.  

As they work hard to dominate the nation with their infective hair metal, they keep things interesting with their practical jokes.

“I went and got band cards made and I went and made Big Studs Escort Service and I put [bassist Moscow’s] number and everything and put them in apartments and stuff,” said Laye.  “One dude actually called!”

You can download their songs off and

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