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It is clear that the four members of Rise For Order share an intense passion for their music which bonds them together as a band, and as brothers. Nowhere is this more evident than in their live performances, and the way in which these four guys interact with their fans and friends. Through their recorded material the listener experiences that feeling and is invited in to be a part of the Rise For Order.

Having paid their dues in various bands and projects leading up to this, never before have these four individuals found themselves belonging to a group of people so dedicated and driven to making music their career. Initially, Trevor MacLeod and Chad Moyles found themselves jamming at The Rehearsal Factory in downtown Toronto where, through the floors they could hear Johnny Goltz singing up a storm. They fast became friends and were soon hanging out almost everyday. This proved to be valuable as Trevor and Chad asked Johnny to start a new band together. All they needed now was a hard hitting drummer which they found in the same rehearsal building. Jorge Pereira, frustrated with his current band was offered an audition which he accepted. his intensity and technical ability on the drums blew them away.
The three knew they were now four. When Jorge was offered the position in the band he accepted and so it has been since that day.

Over the last two years Rise For Order has made a reputable name for themselves. Playing well over 100 shows since (including an indie spotlight on Edge 102.1), they have honed their art to near perfection. To watch the band perform live is to see and feel the power of their music. This is what it is all about for them. They have recently released a self titled 5 song EP that is shaking up the indie music scene. With another EP on the way the band is soon to be making their first video with acclaimed video producer Sean Michael Turrell. Showing no signs of slowing down the group is in the middle of booking their second cross Canada tour this fall/winter. Watch out for these guys and get to know them now….. because soon you'll have no choice!






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