Indieweek 2007

IndieweekBy: TJ Liebgott

 The 4th annual Indieweek took over the clubs of Toronto (October 9-13) for what could be considered a battle of the bands royal rumble.  Featuring over 50 independent acts, playing 8 clubs in 5 days, Indieweek was sensory overload of where to go and who to see.  Bands came as far as Ireland just to be heard and have a chance to compete for 1 of 2 prize packages that included cash, guitars, a wireless mic, recording time, advertising, distribution, CD replication, and many other pieces of swag.

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Irish band Vesta Varro will dominate Canada

Vestta Varro from Ireland By: Sheena Lyonnais
March 15, 2007


There’s a lot more to Ireland than U2 and Whisky.  Irish rockers Vesto Varro has a sound so dynamic and solid with lyrics so fresh and original they’re bound to take over North American airwaves in the same fashion they already dominate their native land.

Their debut album Exit Here has already produced two top 40 hits in Ireland, and their third single “ Weighted Love” will be released October 19.  Though they thrive in their home country, they’re currently facing a problem many international bands face: North American distribution.  

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Morgan David does ambient rock with perfection

Live pic of Morgan David By: Sheena Lyonnais
March 15, 2007

When Morgan David described his music “like Fatboy Slim and Bob Dylan went out and raved ’till dawn” on his Myspace page he wasn’t being vain.  He is a man in control of his domain, which is especially impressive considering the construction of his techno influenced rock was years in the making.


Active in the techno community, Morgan is a mixer by day and, well, also a mixer by night.  Gigging is something he began only last year, but his music has been recognized as unique and fascinating ever since.  Although the acoustics in the Drake during his Indie Week performance made the bass overwhelming, the ambiance and mood of the music, combined with his comical in-between song banter made Morgan’s set one of the most enchanting to watch. 

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Canada’s true rock stars are Tall, Dark and Hammerd

Band Pic of Tall Dark And Hammerd By: Sheena Lyonnais
March 15, 2007


Tall, Dark and Hammerd should change their name to 80s inspired, heavy metal and awesome (not that I’m doubting the former).  The Winnipeg quartet describes themselves as the Canadian Mötley Cruë with the most infamous party house in the sketchiest part of the peg.  They’re unlike anything on this side of the millennium: they write about concepts such as filming the end of the world, openly talk about their love for alcohol overindulgence and their top Myspace friends are porn stars.   Can you get more rock star than that? 

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