The Reason doesn’t care if you don’t like them

Live Pic of The Reason at Virgin Fest By: Sheena Lyonnais
September 14, 2007

Reviews on the Reason’s March sophomore release Things Couldn’t Be Better tore the band’s new style apart, calling it everything from too mainstream and overtly conventional to a sell out.  But this has not dissuaded the band from playing their hearts out, for they showed the crowd they still know how to knock out one of the most dynamite performances at last weekend’s Toronto Virgin Festival and they could have cared less if a music critic didn’t like it. 

The Reason Virgin Festival Toronto“A lot of people just get overly concerned with the new style change,” said guitarist Jeremy Widerman.

“They get caught up in the fact that it’s totally nothing to do with our last record and a lot of it is based on that rather than taking it for what it is.  It’s a collection of songs that don’t have anything to do with that.  What’s happening today has nothing to do with what was happening then except it’s the same dudes,” added singer Adam White.

We were sitting on a picnic bench backstage at Vfest with Widerman, White and guitarist James ‘’Cubby’ Nelan when the topic of poor reviews came up.  The band said they didn’t care what people thought, they’re getting older and less aggressive and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  However they fully understand why some of their fans have jumped off the bandwagon.”

The Reason Live Photo“At the end of the day we’re proud of it and stand behind it.  We’re prepared always.  We knew we were going to lose people.  We knew people were going to compare it to [first release] Ravenna,” White said.

“It’s understandably hard though because everybody does it.  Its just like when the Get Up Kids made the record after Something to Write Home About everyone was like man this is nothing like that record.  And at first I kind of despised the record because of that, but I gave myself a little bit of time and I listened to it again and I was like you know what, this is pretty decent stuff.  As a record by itself it is good stuff,” Nelan said.

A lot of reviewers who didn’t know the old stuff really liked the record, but the reviewers who did know it tended to focus on how it’s different.  Despite this, their video for “All I Ever Wanted” continues to get airplay on Much Music and they’re already in talks of filming their third video for “We’re So Beyond This” with director Sean Michael Terrell.

The song is a duet with Sara Quinn of Tegan and Sara.  Both parties will be taking time from their respective schedules to film the video in Toronto sometime next month, something the boys are incredibly stoked about.

“It’s like a two sided coin where [Adam]’s going to be the front man of the band on one side and Sara’s going to be the front man and we’re going to be like a parallel universe kind of on the other side,” Widerman said.

The Reason Virgin Festival 2007The Reason has worked with Terrell before on their previous videos.  Terrell is what they classify as an industry genius, coming up with innovative video ideas and managing to construct them in a fashion that is both unique and interesting.  So much that the band has little involvement with the creative aspect of the videos considering Terrell’s ideas always win them over.

“You’re like well I had an idea but yours beats mine by a lot,” White said.

The Reason just began a tour with fellow Ontario rockers Boys Night Out and will be returning to Toronto on October 19.   This tour itself has been in the works for a while in an effort to attract kids and have fun while enjoying local music.

“One of these tours has been a long time coming.  We’ve always talked about playing a good stretch of shows together and it has never happened before,” White said.


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