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More than enough band biographies use words like fusion or collaboration or synthesis or maybe even mixture to try to describe where the group of bipeds that made up this crazy music came from and how they got their sound. This, as any attempt to be truly different, will be very similar. The imaginative and inspired concoction that is Walk off the Earth was created when the lead innovator and creator of G-Spot Tornado – Gianni (under Slapdash Records) and the lead guitarist and co-writer from PinkBelly – Marshall, got together with the drummer, also from P.B. – Pete, to write in a completely free and wild environment where nothing matters but the backbone and soul of the music. There is no other motive than to write progressive, fun, exciting music, with complex yet sing-able harmonies and aggressive but dance-able choruses.
Each song has a hook. These hooks would bait and land a 750 pound great white. These boys have been at it long enough to know what it is in a song that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up and your mouth hum the words even though you haven’t a clue what they’re saying yet. Don’t worry – you will. They give out free CD’s at every show because it’s not about cash for these guys, it’s about the music. They’d rock an arena, but they’d be just as happy to play your keg/pool party in your parent’s backyard. They want to encourage people of every age to come out and have fun connecting with the tunes that make them dance and sing unabashedly in their cars and in the shower. They do it too and you’ll often see them dancing and singing at the shows they run.
The songs vary in tempo, vocal range and lyrical content, but the message is clear – they’re here to create a party and make you smile like the first time you got laid. Their first full length album is due to hit shelves this Summer and more than likely for you and many others, things will not be the same. For one, you’ll be a little bit lighter, not just due to the small amount of coin you’ll spend, but also because buying the record will make you dance, run and jump. Outside, inside, wherever you are. This is the type of CD that will spread faster on-line than a you-tube video with someone getting kicked in the balls.
The boys are playing shows all over Canada and Northern US – hailing from the musical mecca that is Burlington. As well as musicians, they’re promoters – putting on their own successful shows in various cities; record company owners; producers – they recorded their CD at HotBox studios (The Stoodz) owned and operated by Gianni Luminati, corporate gurus during the day and last but not least just plain good dudes.
I see these guys stickin around for quite some time. The best friends produce their own records, write their own music and live to the beat of their own drum. There’s no pressure to pump out tunes, no hectic schedule burning their candles, just a song that needs to be sung before their time fades out. They’re no hindus – they’re here to live once and live it with no regrets making the best possible music that their hearts, brains and heads will allow.
Hopefully you’ll be ready to jump on this party wagon when it passes through your town. There’s plenty of seats and the kegs never run dry. Peace.
Be excellent to each other. God. 







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