Birds of Wales = No sex at Virgin Fest?

ByLive Pic Birds of Wales: Sheena Lyonnais
September 14, 2007

Birds of Wales front man Morgan Ross was sitting on a red couch, avoiding eye contact and nursing a hangover when he dispelled the modern myth that the bigger your band gets the better the sex gets.

“I’m trying to be sly and rock star, but I think no, maybe even a drought.  Maybe I’m spending too much time playing guitar or something,” he awkwardly, but thoughtfully said.

In light of Virgin Festival we thought it would be fun to try and crack the case, but quickly learned that when your band is up and coming sometimes your schedule just doesn’t allow a plethora of promiscuity.

Birds of Wales are getting ready for both a headlining show at the Mod Club next month and their fourth European tour in twelve months, a feat almost unheard of for a band that has only been together for a couple years.

Birds of Wales Virgin Fest But Europe is eating the young band up. This year alone has landed them a song on a compilation album, more airplay on satellite radio, the song My Lady in the upcoming sequel to Trainspotting (due in theatres next year) and a series of opening and headlining gigs across Canada and the UK.

Their new single will be released in Europe on MTV and VH1 sometime this month and the new album will be released in October.  Canada is going to have to wait though as BOW seeks to find adequate Canadian distribution, a frustrating task considering the album has been complete for a while.

“It was recorded a long time ago with a band called Stabilo, they were the band Birds of Wales prior to this incarnation.  So it’s going to be some of those recordings and then some recordings we did a few months ago with Bob Egan of Wilco,” Ross said.  

Birds of Wales at Virginfest 2007The last couple months have been spent on opening tours, including one with 54-40, eventually landing them back in Toronto for V-fest last weekend.

And for Ross it was nice to see the fans hadn’t gone anywhere, and enlightening to see the base has actually grown.

“I was surprise by how many people were singing along,” he said.
Although information is not yet available online for their upcoming headlining Toronto show, you can check out their site at in the meantime.




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