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 Get ready for the rampage. Toronto's SOUND AND FURY is the feral wolf, perched on its haunches, fangs bared and poised to pounce, tearing the strips of rock 'n roll tedium from the world and spewing it back with snarling intensity. "Our music is ferocious and dirty and nasty and wild!" says Luke Metcalf, lead singer and composer of the sneering, snarling brute force known as SOUND AND FURY. "It's all about having fun, running wild and getting crazy!" Rattling your ribcage with such scrap bone rockers as "Eighteen," "Runaway Love," "School's Out" and "Teenage Rampage" SOUND AND FURY'S Metcalf, lead guitarist Griffin, bass player John Kerns, rhythm guitarist Daz and skin beater Chris Avalos tap the adrenaline and desperation of raw survival, gear it into overdrive and ricochet that primal energy off the eardrums and craniums of its rabid fan base. This vigorous venting streams between performers and audience with untamed abandon, exactly how Metcalf envisioned and intended it, and how Warped Tour crowds and numerous others will savour it this summer. Metcalf has moved around a lot, he was kicked out of 3 different high schools for various incidents, then thrown out of his house. "I had no money, no job and no place to live but I got lucky and got a job on a farm the same day I got kicked out." He worked there all summer, then went to California by bus to meet up with a friend. "When I got there my buddy and his father were being evicted. They were broke too so we ended up living for a few weeks in their car, then we slept in some empty house in East Oakland for a month, then lived in a motel room in Berkeley with eleven street punk kids, it was pretty wild." The next year was spent scrounging for good times in the land of the next: the next high, the next drink, the next lay, the next meal — often in that order. "Yeah you really live in the moment cause your whole focus is trying to survive for that day – trying to get food, and have some kind of good times – get food, get drugs, get booze for the day. It was great though, I had lots of fun, met a lot of cool people, hooked up with a really wild girl that I had many amazing adventures with so, it was pretty sweet." He also lived in the desert in Arizona for some time, then New York, then back to Arizona then California again. "That's what I wrote this album about; it's the story of my experiences in high school and then my journeys after". Finally he decided to return to Toronto to get his music carreer going. He immediately set up a recording space in a cramped basement and got to work. "I was in a situation where, for awhile, I could devote myself almost entirely to music." He had his old drum set, a bass guitar, rhythm guitar, an amp and an old Fostex reel-to-reel 8 trak a buddy had lent him. "It's no exagerration that I spent a solid year in that basement at least ten hours a day every day writing the songs and recording the tracks, playing all the instruments." At the end of the year Metcalf had finished the rough versions of forty-five songs. "I played all the instruments on the early demo's except I don't play lead guitar solo's, but when I recorded the songs I had left space for guitar solo's, sort of "insert solo here" so I began calling around looking for someone to come in and record some solo's over the songs I had written. I ended up contacting Griffin who had been a buddy of mine in high school. He spent a couple weeks recording the solo's and they worked well over my rhythm guitar riffs so I asked him if he wanted to start a band." Over the coming year they went through various stages of recording and performing with various musicians until settling on the lineup in place today. Says Metcalf: "It's great, the guys are awesome! I'm psyched about how the songs I spent so much time working on turned out and I can't wait to take the band on the road and kick some ass."




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