The Birthday Massacre can be our prom dates any day

Live Pic of Birthday Massacre By: Sheena Lyonnais
August 7, 2007

The Mod Club was transformed into a gothic prom last night with a crowd that mirrored horror movie meets catholic school girl, and Toronto band The Birthday Massacre was no exception with their matching black outfits and singer Chibi’s pigtails.

Celebrating the upcoming release of their new album Walking With Strangers and in the middle of their North American tour, the Birthday Massacre played a set list of classic favourites including the infamous “Happy Birthday” and also debuted a collection of brand new pieces.  Many of the new tunes were already available on Myspace thanks to the band’s recent recognition as a featured artist on both the Canadian and Australian Myspace pages. Featured artists are allowed to upload an entire record rather than a sample of their music.

“We immediately started getting tons of plays and everyone has been really friendly about it,” said guitarist Rainbow.  Their Myspace page received between 30 and 35 thousand hits in just one day and it continues to increase in popularity.
Birthday Massacre Live at Mod Club Theatre
This comes as no surprise considering TBM’s already innovate synth-rock was spiced up even more with the recording and mixing of Walking With Strangers.  The album was produced by music legend Dave “Rave” Ogilvie, made famous for his work with Skinny Puppy, David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails and other industrial acts.

“He just brought a fresh perspective and helped us with editing if a song went on too long or we wanted a new type of sound.  He just encouraged us or he’d bring out an old keyboard and we’d play around with it,” Rainbow said.

The fresh ideas combined with TBM’s newly gained experience in production allowed the new album to be more centered than their previous releases.  Most songs were written in advance when the band had some time off from touring and were recorded for the demo, which were then used in the final mixes.

“Because it was done in a shorter amount of time, it was a more focused and cohesive effort as opposed to Violet, which was more of a compilation of songs we had written over a longer amount of time.  This album had more of a theme to it.  There were things we were interested in and types of imagery we wanted to subtly get across in the lyrics,” Rainbow said. 

The band said the album is not short of its surprises.  They are particularly interested in the response to the song “Movies,” claiming it has an entirely different feeling than anything they’ve done before.

Birthday Massacre Interview“It sounds like the love scene in Top Gun or something,” said drummer Rhim.

The unconventionality of their music has landed TBM an internationally growing fan base.  Following the completion of their North American tour, they will be heading overseas to Europe and then to Australia for the first time in January.  And they’re doing it all while sticking to a very down to earth mantra.

“We just kind of do what we do and it comes naturally and we wouldn’t put it on an album if we weren’t happy with it.  We’re just writing what we want to hear and what excites us and we hope it excites other people,” Rainbow said.

Walking With Strangers
hits stores on September 11, despite advertisements for September 10.  It is already available at shows. 

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