The Reason doesn’t care if you don’t like them

Live Pic of The Reason at Virgin Fest By: Sheena Lyonnais
September 14, 2007

Reviews on the Reason’s March sophomore release Things Couldn’t Be Better tore the band’s new style apart, calling it everything from too mainstream and overtly conventional to a sell out.  But this has not dissuaded the band from playing their hearts out, for they showed the crowd they still know how to knock out one of the most dynamite performances at last weekend’s Toronto Virgin Festival and they could have cared less if a music critic didn’t like it. 

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San Francisco Bay’s Honeycut showed Toronto how to rock and dance

Honeycut Live at Virgin FestivalBy: Sheena Lyonnais
September 14, 2007

California’s retro inspired rockers Honeycut said goodbye to rock and roll and instead instigated their own genre of rock and dance at their Canadian debut at Toronto’s Virgin Festival last weekend.  Their blend of disco rock and hip hop drew influences from blues, the early British mod invasion and 70s denim bellbottoms in a fashion that had the audience simultaneously bopping and head banging.

There’s something refreshing about a band so innovative and unique even the band members aren’t entirely sure how to describe their sound.  Equipped without any guitars, a somewhat space-like bass sound, a drum machine, a break dancing keyboardist and arguably the most engaging front man in contemporary rock and roll, Honeycut chose to describe themselves in terms of desserts rather than genres, perhaps speaking volumes to their personality. 

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So you wanna play Virgin Festival?

By: Sheena Lyonnais

TMS caught up with director of Virgin Festival Canada Andrew Bridge at last weekend’s event to chat about V-fest and how bands can get involved.  

    The second annual Canadian edition of Virgin Festival may be over, but preparations are already being made for next year’s event including booking talent, which is something Toronto bands looking for a break may want to consider.

“It takes at least a year to plan and execute and there are lots of intricacies and details to make sure everything happens the way that it should on the days of the events,” director of Virgin Festival Canada Andrew Bridge said. Continue reading “So you wanna play Virgin Festival?”

Birds of Wales = No sex at Virgin Fest?

ByLive Pic Birds of Wales: Sheena Lyonnais
September 14, 2007

Birds of Wales front man Morgan Ross was sitting on a red couch, avoiding eye contact and nursing a hangover when he dispelled the modern myth that the bigger your band gets the better the sex gets.

“I’m trying to be sly and rock star, but I think no, maybe even a drought.  Maybe I’m spending too much time playing guitar or something,” he awkwardly, but thoughtfully said.

In light of Virgin Festival we thought it would be fun to try and crack the case, but quickly learned that when your band is up and coming sometimes your schedule just doesn’t allow a plethora of promiscuity.

Birds of Wales are getting ready for both a headlining show at the Mod Club next month and their fourth European tour in twelve months, a feat almost unheard of for a band that has only been together for a couple years.

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09/05/07 The Birthday Massacre and Lye – Mod Club Theatre

By: TJ Liebgott 


Lye Live at The Mod ClubThursday night the Mod Club traded in their Ben Sherman and indie style duds for corsets, pvc and bondage clothing as Lye and The Birthday Massacre took over the popular College st. nightclub.  

    The night could have been quite disastrous for opening band Lye whose drummer, Dustin Williams, was unable to cross the border the weekend prior to the show.  Luckily Lye was able to recruit a friend of theirs who was able to play along flawlessly for the most part.  The odd fill was missed here and there but their new drummer seemed quite confident of the material.

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Virgin Fest 2007 A weekend in review – Saturday

By: TJ Liebgott

Pic of The Artic Monkeys in Toronto    Virgin Festival returned to Toronto for its second year of rocking the Islands last weekend, officially ending a summer of outdoor festivals.  This musical orgy of a festival, with roots starting in England, featured more bands than should be legally allowed.  For the event, 3 stages were erected as well as a beer tent featuring DJ’s.   Unfortunately, most people couldn’t experience the full extent of the festival, due to the overwhelming amount of acts.  For the most part, people just camped out at the main Virgin stage waiting for the headlining acts. 

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The Birthday Massacre can be our prom dates any day

Live Pic of Birthday Massacre By: Sheena Lyonnais
August 7, 2007

The Mod Club was transformed into a gothic prom last night with a crowd that mirrored horror movie meets catholic school girl, and Toronto band The Birthday Massacre was no exception with their matching black outfits and singer Chibi’s pigtails.

Celebrating the upcoming release of their new album Walking With Strangers and in the middle of their North American tour, the Birthday Massacre played a set list of classic favourites including the infamous “Happy Birthday” and also debuted a collection of brand new pieces.  Many of the new tunes were already available on Myspace thanks to the band’s recent recognition as a featured artist on both the Canadian and Australian Myspace pages. Featured artists are allowed to upload an entire record rather than a sample of their music.

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