10 minutes with Kenny from Moneen

MoneenBy: Sheena Lyonnais
July 30, 2007


Toronto Music Scene had the chance to sit down under a big old willow tree with Moneen’s Kenny Bridges at this year’s Wakestock.  Although he kept making what we think were joking passes at cameraman TJ, we did manage to learn some fun and interesting facts about the messy haired singer – including his love of his dad’s Speedos and creeping girls…sort of.   

Say your name and what you do.

My name is Kenny Bridges and I play in Moneen.

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Wakestock: A Weekend In Review

           Every since Woodstock, the outdoor music festival has been a long outstanding summer time tradition.   However it seems in recent years, these all day celebrations have been dwindling in attendance.
            Perhaps it was because The Rogers Picnic was also happening on the Sunday, or maybe the summer has been over saturated with music festivals, or perhaps its because there are no longer rock bands that can draw in big numbers, but Wakestock was not as big of a draw as it deserved to be.


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Why Goldfinger now hates Wakestock and Kelly is the next Jack Black

Pic of Kelly From GoldfingerBy: Sheena Lyonnais
July 30, 2010

When Goldfinger bassist Kelly LeMieux told Toronto Music Scene at Wakestock that “usually something funny and stupid happens [when we play] no matter what,” he never could have anticipated what would unfold during their set.


But four hours later when the Californian boys invited fans up on stage to join them during their classic song Mable like they do at every single Goldfinger show, including two previous Toronto Wakestocks, something went terribly wrong.  Security decided this was not cool and began blocking and throwing kids off the stage, forcing them to descend and ultimately resulting in singer John Feldman’s decision to stop the song.


“What the fuck is this?”  He yelled. He began arguing with security, saying he warned them about this and that they do it at every show.  And when security continued to throw kids off stage, Feldman broke Wakestock and Centre Island’s “no swearing” policy by changing the words to their song “Fuck Ted Nugent” to “fuck security” and encouraging the crowd to chant it. 

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The Junction Likes Their Music Raw And Inspirational

Pic of The JunctionBy: Sheena Lyonnais  
July 29, 2007


“The first set was kind of interesting because 1:30 is kind of early for me, I usually wake up at 1:30 in the afternoon,” says Brent Jackson, the tall, scruffy-haired singer/guitarist of Brampton’s the Junction. He just finished playing his second set at Wakestock on Toronto Island and can’t help but point out how many things seem interesting these days about his band: the early starting times, playing large festivals and more importantly, the progress of their recently released self-titled album.

“We just did it barebones, as quick as we could, as true to our live show as possible,” he said. The album is in clear contrast with their first EP, which was polished and well received, but not an accurate representation of their live performance. So for the new album they switched it up, paid attention to the mathematics of performing and recording and attempted to incorporate raw but professional sounds into the album so that it reflected their true style.

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