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From British introspective rock to North American contemporary rock and everything inbetween, Toronto-based Left Of Here draws from various influences to make the music they do – each member comes from a different musical background and contributes to the band in their own unique way. With each new song, the band shows a clearer direction towards a maturity that has been growing more apparent in their music. Catchy melodies, powerful rhythms, and singable lyrics are convincing a growing number of people that they just might have to check this band out.

The guys officially started as "Left Of Here" in February-March of 2003 while recording their EP Home at a studio in the east end (this was to be a new start after a year-long hiatus). Unofficially, the band has gone under other names since 1998-99 (Can't Say, Watermark). From high-school to the present day, vocalist Mike Nguyen and guitarist Will Torrens are holdovers from the first incarnation that went on to include one-of-a-kind bassist Dave Bigwood within a year of formation. February 2001: cue another line-up change that shifted drumming duties to Rich Cambridge, who has proved himself more than capable of filling the role.

The end result has been worth the ups and downs of the last 6 years and through this time period, Left Of Here have been able to take their performance and songwriting to the next level through constant rehearsals, recording (at Will's home studio Grassroots Sound), and live gigs in many of Toronto's established rock venues. The guys look forward to a long association with music and bringing it to all the people who continue to support them through thick and thin – they are the reason for all of this.





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