Why Goldfinger now hates Wakestock and Kelly is the next Jack Black

Pic of Kelly From GoldfingerBy: Sheena Lyonnais
July 30, 2010

When Goldfinger bassist Kelly LeMieux told Toronto Music Scene at Wakestock that “usually something funny and stupid happens [when we play] no matter what,” he never could have anticipated what would unfold during their set.


But four hours later when the Californian boys invited fans up on stage to join them during their classic song Mable like they do at every single Goldfinger show, including two previous Toronto Wakestocks, something went terribly wrong.  Security decided this was not cool and began blocking and throwing kids off the stage, forcing them to descend and ultimately resulting in singer John Feldman’s decision to stop the song.


“What the fuck is this?”  He yelled. He began arguing with security, saying he warned them about this and that they do it at every show.  And when security continued to throw kids off stage, Feldman broke Wakestock and Centre Island’s “no swearing” policy by changing the words to their song “Fuck Ted Nugent” to “fuck security” and encouraging the crowd to chant it. 

Following this, Goldfinger left the stage and Feldman was seen exiting the park.  He was pissed off, and for good reason.  Not only is this a regular stint for Goldfinger, but three of the four members had flown to Toronto the day before specifically to play this show, which will probably be their last Wakestock performance.            


The Wakestock show was Goldfinger’s first performance in over a year.  Drummer Darrin Pfeiffer works in Toronto as an edge 102 DJ and a record label executive, and the rest reside in California.  Feldman has been producing, guitarist Charlie Paulson has been working with another band and LeMieux has been going back and forth between LA and Portland, Oregon where he is currently teaching guitar at Paul Green’s School of Rock.           


“Basically Paul Green is what the Jack Black movie is based off of,” LeMieux said.  “It’s cool, we teach kids ages eight to 18 and we teach them rock music.”              


LeMieux said the movie created huge success for Green, who almost considered suing before deciding against it.  His cliental more than doubled with the movie’s release and now studios will be opening in other parts across North America.  LeMieux’s alter-ego as a Jack Black of sorts isn’t the only thing keeping him busy.     Live Pic of Goldfinger    


Goldinger is putting the finishing touches on their new album set to be released early next year.  Initially the record was supposed to come out at the end of the month, but the band decided to push it due to a tour-related knee injury Feldman received last year.

The release of the album will also ignite a new Goldfinger tour.  LeMieux said they will definitely be hitting Toronto on the upcoming tour.  Although no dates have been announced, don’t expect them on next year’s Wakestock schedule. 




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