Two minutes with Travis from Social Code

Pic of Social CodeBy: Sheena Lyonnais
July 31, 2007 

Somewhere between Social Code’s Wakestock set and their Guitar Hero Challenge against Crush Luther, we managed to catch singer Travis Nesbitt  for a brief Q and A.  He was lurking around the hot sauce sample guy, despite his dislike of hot sauce.

Tell us your name and what you do?
My name is Travis and I love shooting hot sauce. 

Perhaps this should be explained: seconds before our interview ensued, we challenged Travis to take hot shots from the Frank’s hot sauce sampling guy walking around the island.  I am not sure why they were giving out hot sauce samples on such a hot day, but regardless, nothing changes the fact that Travis is a liar…he doesn’t really love shooting hot sauce.
Except you didn’t do the shots.

Oh no no, I didn’t.  I sing in Social Code.  We have our own brand of water.
Good for chasing hot sauce.

Very good!
PS:  Social Code water = water bottles with Social Code stickers on them.  They were handing them out from in an ice cream cart.
Now you just played a set at Wakestock, how was it?

It was cool.  We played last year and I would have to say I like the set up this year better. There’s a lot more people and a lot more things to do.
You’re not from Toronto, you’re from Edmonton, but you’ve played with a lot of Toronto bands and there’s a lot of Toronto bands here today, so do you have an opinion on the Toronto scene at all?

Oh it’s cool.  We’ve played with tons, like Alexisonfire, who I know are from just out of town and our good friends in the Salads.  It’s just everybody here is really warm.  Being from Edmonton out west, at the beginning of our career was a lot of playing with western bands and stuff.  You play in a band, you play music, everybody’s kind of got that kinship.  The guys from Moneen, it’s the same thing.  You just kind of pick up where you left off.

And what’s next for Social Code?

I think once we get home we’re going to get ready for our new tour and after that we’re going to come home and work on a new album.
Your latest album came out May 8th, what response have you received from that so far?
Live Pic of Social Code

It’s been great.  We hadn’t had anything out in a little while so it was great to get something out and get some new songs in our set.

At this point the Guitar Hero challenge was about to begin, so we bid Travis adieu. 
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