10 minutes with Kenny from Moneen

MoneenBy: Sheena Lyonnais
July 30, 2007


Toronto Music Scene had the chance to sit down under a big old willow tree with Moneen’s Kenny Bridges at this year’s Wakestock.  Although he kept making what we think were joking passes at cameraman TJ, we did manage to learn some fun and interesting facts about the messy haired singer – including his love of his dad’s Speedos and creeping girls…sort of.   

Say your name and what you do.

My name is Kenny Bridges and I play in Moneen.

 You played earlier today, how did this year’s Wakestock performance compare to your last Wakestock performance?

We played the last time it was at Wasaga Beach, which was so much fun.  I ran around in my dad’s flower print, short, short, short blue swim shorts with no shirt or socks or shoes all day, until we had to play, because I wanted to get into the wakeboard mode.  It was so much fun, just so many crazy drunk people that really should be put in cages and then there were a lot of girls running around with inappropriate things hanging out stuff.  You can probably relate since you’re showing everything to the camera.


Well I’m actually holding my skirt down, so you know, I can’t relate. 

Pervert joke number one!
We’ll count them, we’ll keep a tally.

Haha.  Well we did play two years ago at this Wakestock after party the first time it was on the island.  I didn’t like it to be honest.  It was completely a show I didn’t want anything to do with, it was just like after party vibe and people were just really drunk and there was this bikini contest and it wasn’t my scene at all.  I’m glad we got to do it, we always have fun when we play.  I don’t really like to be allowed to creep girls, you know.  I think it’s better when they don’t know and you’re just in dark allies.
Dark allies?

Did I just say that?

What do you mean creep girls? What kind of things are you doing?

I meant that we have a new record that we’re working on and it will be coming out any time now.
I don’t think that’s what you meant at all.

Is our five minutes up yet?
Haha, moving on.  This is pretty much a summer of festivals for Moneen.  You just played Scenefest and next you’ll be playing Cutting Edge in Grand Bend.  Why are you doing so many festivals this year?

We toured so much for the Red Tree that when it came down to it, we had to take time off to write a new record.  We could tour forever and we’ve met a lot of really, really good friends that keep asking us to go on tours, and we had to put our foot down.  But there’s these fests that keep wanting us to play that have asked us far in advance, so when we kind of hand to put our foot down, these were the shows that were already booked.  We play shows we enjoy playing and we’re glad to play this one.
You’re from Brampton, but you’ve been playing a lot of shows in Toronto right now.  What are your thoughts on the Toronto scene – is it progressing?  Are they a lot of good bands coming out of it?

I think there are a lot of great bands actually.  For a while there we were realizing we had a really, really good group of friends in bands who were kind of taking the world over a little bit.  In all seriousness, joking aside, we are just really lucky that we’ve had a lot of success and our friends have had even more success and its just funny when you go to certain events and things that have a lot of, especially some of the bigger Toronto bands, we’re all there and it’s all of our friends together and it’s really cool that we’ve all worked really hard and something cool has come of it.
It’s like you’re playing with the same people but in bigger situations.

Yeah it’s like our friends’ bands are now playing in places like the ACC, so it’s really cool to me.
Who do you mean, like Alexis?

Yeah Alexis, Billy Talent, our boys in Silverstein. 
You’re taking time off right now, are you writing the record?

We’re trying.  I’ve actually got something else I’m working on right now that I really want to dive into first.
What’s that?

I can’t really say too much because it hasn’t been fully realized yet.  I’m playing around with stuff and I have a lot of different ideas that just wouldn’t work with Moneen that I need to get out of my system.
Like solo stuff?

Possibly, but maybe not so solo.
You don’t really want to say it right now, do you?

I’ll jinx myself completely.
I understand. I thought Red Tree just came out like early last year?

Early last April.
That’s not even that long.  But you were touring like mad.

Over a year.  We toured before the record was finished.  Like as soon as we were done recording we went out on tour and we never stopped.  I would love to tour more, but you know.
Time’s up.  Anything you’d like to add Kenny

I guess the last thing I’d like to say is I am very proud, ourselves included, of the Toronto bands that have been working their butts off for a few years now, many years, and it’s just nice to see that it’s being recognized here.  

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