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 Red Roses Black, stemming from archived experimental tracks started by Sean Andrews in his bedroom during late night sessions in his years with other bands. Quickly flourished into a whirlwind project supported by five time juno award winner and Grammy Nominee Alan Frew of Canada's notorious Glass Tiger. in early 2006 Sean set out on a mission to find, well "the band" that would take the music and vision to the next level. That translated into, Alex Marr, an emotionally driven drummer with a taste for the more electronic side of things. Growing up in Missisauga and playing in touring band's like Bitter Fall, on top of him being the brother of Will Marr from Ill Scarlett have giving him a sense of wherewithal in this industry, he brings more than just beats to the mix. Andrew Downs, A slightly geek/prep classically trained pianist relatively new to the music industry, no idea why though, his ability to switch from classical piano to hard pumping electric lead on a whim make him our atmospheric wall that really brings the Red Roses Black sound full circle. Justin Bussoli, Brash, Young and always ready to put on a show, he brings the meaning Balls out rock to a whole cleaner level. Think of him like slash, with a hairbrush. And finally Adam Guiducci, his unparalleled energy for the music is what drives this band, His melodic yet thumping Bass lines completes the tonal landscape so much the very essence of the music is based around it. Although seemingly complete, the Black family is still not fully realized. These song's are written around the vision of a one two punch, The rough grungy vocal stylings of Sean, complemented by an angel voice. A Dynamic so powerful it could move worlds. And we are now set on achieving that, and believe me, we work hard for what we want. We are scouring the country looking for our rose, and know she is out there. Feel free to message us if you think your the one, or email us at  The words only the beginning for this band could not be spoken clearer, the hard work and dedication that has gone in to this project to date is unmatched. Every essence and piece of this puzzle are now so clearly set on the same goal that it will be impossible for them to fail. You are witnessing the birth of Red Roses Black I believe Billy Corgan said it best…"wanna go for a ride"  The Black –>



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