Entire Cities

 Experimental / Country / Psychedelic

Band Pic of Entire Cities

From gratuitously confusing time signatures to delightfully simple hooks, from meticulous choral and instrumental arrangements to their glorious train wreck of a live show, ENTIRE CITIES seem to have a personality disorder. The loosely defined orchestral rockabilly sound is the construct of no less than ten musicians, artists, writers and actors hell-bent on throwing the best party of the night each and every time they play. Discordant, melodic, barn-burning and mournful; ENTIRE CITIES' eclectic line up and musical influences make them feel like a band that is perfectly and precisely stumbling towards something big.

ENTIRE CITIES have fast become a mainstay on the Toronto club scene. From their initial, stripped down introduction at the Bedsprings Talent Show in April of 2006 to the current whirling dervish returning from touring the east coast, ENTIRE CITIES are undisputedly a live band, and one on a mission.


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