Key Witness

 Alternative / Garage / Folk Rock

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 Key Witness is the test tube baby grown from the love of six diverse musicians. It's genetics are so varied, (unfinished tests show tracings of folk, garage, noise rock, country goth, punk…) that a chaotic youth nearly tore itself apart. Now, having embraced it's battles and vast soundscapes, Key Witness is booming forth like never before.

 Since 2005 Key Witness has played all over Toronto, including the Horseshoe Tavern, Healey's, the Tranzac, and their home, the Silver Dollar. They've played the NXNE festival with King Khan and his Shrines, and opened for such bands as Japan's Zoobombs, the Willowz and Swedish rockers the Soundtrack of Our Lives.

 In the end, the merge of energy and original sound flooding a Key Witness show is the fuel that drives them. Look for an upcoming album in the fall.


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