Independent Music Marketing Without Selling Out

 Is it true that in the world of independent music that marketing is considered a sell-out? Well, whether that is a stereotype or completely true, it does not matter because it is not a sell-out, at all! If you are an Indie musician who wants to taking an anti-corporate stance or huge labels in general leave a bad taste in your mouth you can still market in the music industry with out being left with the feeling of selling out. There are other music contacts to be made and other ways of getting your music heard with out going corporate.

The fact is, there are ways to build your fan base and amplify people's interest your independent music – without selling out. If you are an independent music maker, here are a few ways you can do some marketing without selling out to the music industry.

First, you need to put aside your anti-marketing frame of mind and think about what is best for your career in the music industry. Finding ways to reveal your ideas and creations through your sound to more people, which in turn is essentially marketing shows that you believe in what you are creating.

Doesn't the music you develop deserve to be heard around the world? Of course you think that way unless you only want to play for yourself. Marketing does not have to be a negative word. There are ways to market and advertise your music without "selling out" as independent music artist.

Think of your fans, they are your best promoters and marketers! Marketing isn't all about dealing with media and big corporations. If you're not comfortable with dealing with those people, forget about them and focus on your fan base. Have you considered provided them with ways to "spread the word." They may already be doing just this for you. Fans probably already market for you and they will be your most passionate music contacts and promoters.

So now, you just must increase your fan base's size and your marketing will increase. See, this is done without the use of those outlets you may despise. What is better than that? What do your fans love about your music? Once you know this, it becomes even easier to find more prospective fans that would also be interested in your music and your message.

Independent music marketing does not have to be corporate nor selling out, now does it? You are sharing what you love with those who love what you do. Use this concept to your advantage. The music industry is all about money and there is money to be made. Take a little piece of the pie without feeling like you are turning your back on your beliefs.
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