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Pic of WordburglarDubbed "a unique hybrid of Beastie Boys, Fresh Prince & Buck 65," SJ The Wordburglar has made a name for himself with his patented maritime charm and absurd sense of humour. A consummate performer, SJ is known for rocking shows and leaving crowds mesmerized with clever wordplay and crazy punchlines.

 His latest release, BURGLARITIS, on Hand'Solo Records, combines his classic lyricism and stand-up comedy-style delivery with banging beats courtesy of frequent collaborators Beatmason, Fresh Kils and more. Covering topics as diverse as sex, video games, comic books, paper routes and hometown pride, BURGLARITIS is already being hailed as one of the most original and creative Canadian rap albums to date.

 BURGLARITIS features collaborations with LA Symphony & Quannum Projects member Pigeon John, superstar producer Jorun Bombay (Buck 65, Classified), and Toronto indie sensation and Herbaliser associate member More or Les, as well as members of the Canadian underground crews Backburner and Alpha Flight.

 Coming hot on the heels of last summer's release of The Wordburglar Vinyl EP, a collection of previously-released songs from his self-titled debut CD and tracks from the upcoming BURGLARITIS, Wordburglar has spent the last year making appearances on numerous compilations and albums, along with his animated appearance in “The Wordburglar” video, featured alongside videos by Guru, Atmosphere, and the Living Legends on the internationally released Preserving Effects #1 DVD out this summer, and being drawn into appearing in a comic book or two.




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