Chuckie ‘Ay Akenz’ Nguyen

Chuckie 'Ay Akenz' Nguyen

 Hip Hop / Rap / Other

Pic of Chuckie 'Ay Akenz' NguyenA hiphop artist/songwriter, community leader, and a motivational speaker, Chuckie 'Ay Akenz' Nguyen hails from whats dubbed "Canada's most notorious community", the Jane and Finch area. Starting back in his early days as a battle rapper, he ranked in the Top 16 battle mc's of Toronto, which was a competition hosted by Kiss 92. This was the first time the public seen Chuckie and it was defitnetly not the last. After years of doing performances and battles he eventually left the battle scene and began recording songs and posting them online which lead to him devolping a huge online fan base. Coming from a troubled environment soon Chuckie could not escape the troubles that lay before him and soon he to became lost and troubled. Using the power of music, he wrote and recorded through out his hardships and remained focused and positive with the dream of doing music as his career. His journey soon began to start, in 2002 in a period of a year and a half he released 4 consecutive albums on the streets of Toronto. To this day he has released over 10,000 homemade albums. His music told stories of his everyday struggles and pains growing up as a Vietnamese-Canadian in poverty. Not only that but covering every aspect of his life uncensored and real. The music that Chuckie makes can only be described as real, something that the face of mainstream music nowadays is lacking. There is no gimmick with Chuckie, only music that can be felt by the heart and soul. The truly amazing part of Chuckie's career is that he built his name from the bottom up by recording at home with the most basic recording setup. However, the millions of listners worldwide could care less they still supported Chuckie's music and growth over the years. Wielding a unique voice and a big heart Chuckie has touched the hearts of listeners worldwide by the power of the internet and word of mouth. Within the Asian community Chuckie has become almost a household name in the asian Hiphop scene. Being of a Vietnamese background truly makes Chuckie stand out from the many other up and coming hiphop artists in North America. The market demand for Chuckie can also simply be undoubtedly huge with the right backing. This was proved in 2005, after years underground Chuckie soon became a familiar face and voice in the public eye. In a period of a year and a half Chuckie dominated the media, being featured on almost every newspaper and news program in Toronto and Canada. From The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, 24, to City TV, CTV, Global, OMNI, and TVO. Recently Chuckie was featured in a nation wide documentary aired by CBC titled "Lost In The Struggle". Continuing to ride the wave of media popularity Chuckie was also recently featured in a nation wide show aired on MUCHMUSIC's "Music Is My Life" program. You would think someone who has been through what Chuckie has would be stuckup or cocky but this is not the case with Chuckie. His attitude remains positive and he remains sincere and humble while still taking time out to visit schools and speaking to younger children in his community. Although he may not be considered famous in mainstream society, alot of those younger then him truly look up to Chuckie as their role model and so he gives back to them. His dedication to pursuing his dreams and passion for music has defitnetly shown through his achievements. So it is no surprise that he is regarded as one of the top up and coming hiphop artist's from Canada.



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