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FROM  a Lawrence Avenue bungalow straight to your ears, Oil Can Boyd has clawed their way out of the basement and into the hearts of anyone listening. Heart-breaking melodies, sweet harmonies, blazing guitars, and a scrappy live show that pounds on your ears and into your soul, yep OCB can do it all.

Utilizing the time-tested tools of their boyhood musical heroes, OCB will take you back to a time when music was real and made you feel, of course with the added flair that only these up-and-comers can bring to the table. The boys’ hard work behind the scenes finally materialized with the completion of their 5-track, self-titled EP over the ’06 summer. Featuring the thoughtful ‘Setting Skies’, toe-tapping ‘Devil’s at their Best’, and the raw live cut of ‘Say Hey’, the OCB EP offers listeners a peak into what kind of chops these fellas have been blessed with.

With Osborne (Drew) and Gunn’s driving rhythms supporting Zelsman and Osborne’s (Mike) dual guitar attack, OCB’s sound is a soulful eruption of indie rock. From the first listen, it's obvious that they have that indefinable element that carries a group's music beyond the sum of its parts. "It's one of those things that you couldn't really construct with just anyone," claims Osborne of the band's chemistry. Make sure you check them out before the Oil Can takes over the world of rock n roll. It’s only a matter of time.


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Drew Osborne
416-519-0315 (home)

 Matt Zelsman
416-459-8413 (cell)


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