Maximum RnR

 Rock / Punk / Metal 

Band Pic of Maximum RnR

 Stumbling out of Toronto under the moniker Maximum RNB in late 2000, it soon became apparent that the quintet had outrocked its own name.  By playing hardcore and metal infused punk rock 'n' roll rather than silky smooth soul, the group confused "new R&B" fans and gig promoters alike.

By 2002, while recording the tracks for their debut series of 7 inch records under the auspices of producer extraordinaire, Ian Blurton (Dayglo Abortions, Cursed, Tricky Woo) the band decided to state the obvious (rather than a surprisingly obscure Who reference) and rename themselves Maximum RNR.
Of course, this put them in potential conflict with the Punk Rock Bible using a somewhat similar name. However, considering the years of reading and cultural conditioning the magazine provided certain members of the band, the reference seemed appropriate AND ostentatious.


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